Necessary Task for Website

On Page 

• Title Tag
• Meta Description
• H1 and H2 tags
• Alt tags and Robots.txt Installation
• Google PageSpeed test
• Google Webmaster Account Setup
• Yahoo Webmaster Account Setup
• Website Analysis
• Initial Ranking Report
• Analytics setup
• RSS Feed Creation
• XML Site Map Creation
• 404 Error Handling
• 301 Redirection

An ideal web page should do all of the following:

• Be hyper-relevant to a specific topic (usually a product or    single object)
• Include subject in title tag
• Include subject in URL
• Include subject in image alt text
• Specify subject several times throughout text content
• Provide unique content about a given subject
• Link back to its category page
• Link back to its subcategory page (If applicable)
• Link back to its homepage (normally accomplished with an image link showing the website logo on the top left of a page)

Off Page work will include the following:


• Social Media Profile back links with strong Page Rank
• Guest blogging
• Forum back inks
• Social bookmarking
• Blog comments on related blogs
• Press Release
• Article submission
• Web 2.0 website creating
• Google Places

I can help you achieve Google page 1 rankings for the most relevant keywords related to your business, and I'll make sure you will stay there. 

My main goal is to generate you as much sales and conversions as possible, by doing clever advanced SEO. This way, as a side effect, we'll be long-term partners, and both of us will be a winner. None of my customers got penalized so far and none will be, as I am only using the most advanced enterprise level techniques that are in accordance with Google's guidelines.  The days when SEO was just about downloading a software and let it do the job (automated link wheels, article spinning, etc.) are over. Google is now smarter than ever, and it is, and will always be penalizing websites that are trying to trick it's algorithms.

That's why, I am only using manual SEO techniques, which take longer, and require a lot of hard work, but it is a safe way of getting the websites ranked on the first page, and, the most important, also keeping them there permanently.

Before I start doing magic, I analyze your website, your niche, and search among 1000's of keywords that have the potential to generate sales/engagements. 

Out of those, I choose about a dozen, around what we are going to "concentrate" the SEO work. Then, I'll make sure your website's structure is perfect for Googlebot. I rearrange page titles, meta tags, image attributes, H1, H2, H3 tags, and if needed, sometimes I re-edit some of the content on your website (with your revision) to make sure Google gets what it needs. I also do a bit of "link sculpting", to make sure the most important pages get the best PageRank flow. Then, I'll dig deep into the web, find the best quality and the most relevant places for your niche, and get your website submitted there. It is all done manually, so it involves really hard work, but that is exactly what makes it valuable to Google - not too many SEO's do it this way.

Contact me via email at: and Skype : rozeena.tahir


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