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SEO is not dead, even its value is increasing day by day. According to the latest research, Google gets more than 4 billion searches per month. Almost 93 percent of online experiences start with a search engine.  And more than 80 percent of customers perform online research before making a purchase online. Having a website optimised for famous search engines like Google has become a necessity in this digital world.

In this article, we will focus on the key points why SEO is still important for ranking a website. So, let’s get started.

Firstly, if you have a business online and not bother about the SEO, you are no where on the internet. Because, Google and other major search engines only rank those websites that are well optimized according to the latest Google guidelines. Search engines are constantly changing their search algo’s and it is important that you keep an eye on that.

But first, it is also necessary that you design a website according to the latest standards. Because user experience is one of the factors that affect on Google rankings.

SEO includes the methods of evaluation, analysis and continuous updating the individual web pages. SEO ensures regenerate of the whole site, so that the web pages can be indexed by various search engines after discovering by the crawlers.

The purpose of search engine optimization is not only make the website visible on Google rankings but all the other search engines as well. For this, it is vital that you follow a perfect, focused, and long term approach that covers all the latest and important aspects of SEO. Keyword research is the basic and one of the most important aspect.

Others will include content, which is still a king, backlinks, meta tags( including meta keywords, meta description, heading tags, etc.), and security, etc.

And you can’t achieve a higher Google ranking nowadays by ignoring mobile user experience, which has become a must have ranking factor.

To conclude, SEO is very crucial to rank a website on any search engine. But it is also true that search engine optimization is an ongoing process that demands both time and money. If you require to achieve high rankings, you will require on going approach. And the game doesn’t end here, as you have to fight to stay on the top.


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