Many of the social bookmarking websites offer no direct SEO value. The links might feature the NoFollow attribute. Or the mea robots tag might be set to NoFollow. Or your bookmarks might not show on unique URLs. Os the links might use a redirect script that search engine spiders don't follow. But there are some social bookmarking websites that offer SEO-friendly links.
Even if a link from a social bookmarking website is not SEO-friendly, don't underestimate its SEO potential. There is a whole industry growing just to game Digg and, knowing that if a website's bookmark can stick on the home page for an hour or two, it will mean dozens or even hundreds of inbound links from reasonably relevant blogs and portals and fan sites. And this is natural linking, the kind that search engines love! However, you really must have quality content, or whose going to post a link to your website just because they found it bookmarked?


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