List of some Best Advertising Networks to Make Money with Blog which have good CPC and also a reputed service .

Advertising is one of the best ways to make money with your blog. You drive traffic to your blog, and every time someone clicks on the ad or views the ad, you earn a few cents or even a few dollars. However, not all advertising networks are created equal, and some offer bloggers more potential for earnings than others.

Best Advertising Networks to Make Money with Blog

Google is the king of search, so it only makes sense that it is also one of the most popular advertising networks for bloggers. AdSense units display automatic text, image, and video ads to match the content of your blog. Millions of advertisers are ready to pay you for ads on your content, your feed, and your videos.
Chitika (
This targeted advertising network offers up product suggestions for your blog and provides you options to fill the whitespace on your blog with ads. The intuitive software also knows when NOT to display an ad, helping creating a good balance between advertising and content so you don’t turn off readers with too many aggressive ads.
AdBrite (
AdBrite proclaims itself the largest independent ad exchange, and it includes a large variety of ads and ad types. You can set your default CPM payment with AdBrite, allowing you to set a minimum for which ads will show on your site. With this option, you can ensure that only the top-paying ads are ever showing on your site.
Feature top brands on your site such as Perez Hilton and Daily Kos. This advertising network allows you to set your own prices, accept or reject ads, fully customize the appearance of your ads, and more. You can also use the service to sell direct advertising for your site.
Set up ads on your blog and let advertisers big against each other for your business. Not only do you get paid for the clicks your site generates, but you also get a bonus for conversions. Both features work to help you maximize the revenue on your site.
Advertising is a great way to make money with your blog, and fortunately, there are a number of ad networks available to help you maximize your potential revenue. These advertising networks are among the most popular for their variety and their high income potential.
What are your favorite ad networks that you use on your blog? Share your picks in the comments!


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