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People are doing Blogging n Blogging continuously but getting failed to increase traffic and overall growth to their blog- Do you know why? I tell you in this post later on. Hence we have to do effective blogging that gives us better results. Increasing your blog’s traffic is n’t as easy as just throwing content up on your site and hoping that people are going to read it, at least not for the majority of bloggers. You have to simply write less but quality posts etc. Therefore today i must focus this point in deep and tells you why your blogs sucks in 2012?
Top 10 reasons why your blog traffic is not increasing?
1. Your blog posts is boring, short, not unique, incomplete, copycatted or unhealthy. Also your post doesn’t helps other to sort out with his/her problem. 2. You are using Poor SEO techniques with your blog. Hence you don’t know how to promote your blog and blog posts effectively. 3. Bad Template Design of your blog including lazy load of your site also. People find it difficult to read your blog posts with it. 4. You don’t Comment properly when somebody asks you for help or any other type of query. 5. You are simply using less use of Social media buttons and bookmarking sites. 6. Don’t ever think on Money Always! Visitors comes first….. 7. You don’t have a Email Subscription option on your blog or don’t know how to increase your blog readers in natural way. 8. You may hit by Google Panda and Penguin Update. 9. No page rank to your blog. Also your blog isn’t listed in any online blog directory such as Bloggers, Yahoo directory, DMoz etc.
10. Some other Reasons: Lack of meta tags, keywords, description, correct SEO settings for your blog, quality backlinks, don’t know how to write blog posts, over optimization of blog, high bounce rate of your blog, no sitemap generated and submitted to search engines, your blog is a fish of ad markets etc.
All done! Now Improve the reasons listed above and bring back the traffic to your blog again. Enjoy!


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